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Pretty Baby Script & Handwritten Font By HKL Studio May Promo
Maddison Script & Handwritten Font By Typesthetic Studio May Promo
Writing Signature Script & Handwritten Font By Strongkeng Old May Promo
Caligraphy Script & Handwritten Font By Behind the ink May Promo
Everleigh Script & Handwritten Font By hrzstudio92 May Promo
Ashley Marie Script & Handwritten Font By Fillo Graphic May Promo
Glamour Script & Handwritten Font By Mastertype 50% OFF
Chopard Sans Serif Font By Pasha Larin
Kayla Font Script & Handwritten Font By Ws Studio May Promo
Paper Candy Script & Handwritten Font By Forberas Club May Promo
Sunflower Script & Handwritten Font By andikastudio May Promo
Better Together Script & Handwritten Font By Graphix Line Studio May Promo
Hey Magnolia Skript & Handgeschrieben Schriftart Von Mytha Studio May Promo
Girl Script & Handwritten Font By Nobu Collections May Promo
Feeling Script & Handwritten Font By Musafir LAB
Boho Mother Script & Handwritten Font By BitongType May Promo
Randy Sofia Skript & Handgeschrieben Font By Jozoor May Promo
Dream Beach Backgrounds Graphic Backgrounds By MixPixBox May Promo
Wingcharm Script & Handwritten Font By airotype May Promo
Bridesmaid Script & Handwritten Font By Graphix Line Studio May Promo

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What can you make for a wedding?

There are some excellent ways to personalize your special day. The options to add a personal touch to your wedding are endless. These are a great start: Invitations for Bridal Showers, a DIY Wedding Cake Topper, confetti party poppers, DIY corsages for the groom and groomsmen and paper lanterns.

How do you do wedding decorations?

It doesn't matter if you're an experienced crafter or not, there are tons of ways to create your own wedding decorations. Depending on your level or the effort you want to put into it, it's easy to start with paper flowers, lights in a jar or ceremony décor.

Is a DIY wedding cheaper?

Creating the decorations yourself is a great way to save money and add your own touch to your DIY wedding. Here are some examples of DIY crafts that work really well: invitations, table decorations, flowers, and signs.

How can I save money on wedding decorations?

There are multiple ways you can save money on wedding decorations. Creating your own wedding invitations or creating your own decorations are the easiest places to start. One creative way is to reuse items that you already have. For example: you can reuse glass bottles as flower vases or decorative elements. You could even recreate designs on them. The options are endless.

Can I DIY my wedding?

Yes! Actually, a DIY wedding is an excellent way to add your personal style to your wedding and make it stand out from the crowd. There are several ways to start, but most often we recommend creating your own wedding invitations or decorations. These are easiest to apply your unique touch and give your wedding your own unique style.