Work culture that
works for everyone.

We are an independent, confidential platform to address issues of bias, discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

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 What We Do

Step 1: Empower Employees with alternative conflict resolution skills


with a confidential, trusted way to report problems and get professional guidance

Step 2: Quantify Systemic Issues of bias, discrimination, and harassment

Systemic Issues

ranging from subtle, insidious slights to severe, overt discrimination and harassment

Step 3: Improve Workplace Culture to foster inclusion, belonging and equity

Workplace Culture

by providing effective prevention strategies and actionable recommendations

How We Do It

Empower employees to address bias, discrimination, and harassment directly with co-workers or HR

For the individual, a sounding board

Employees use a private digital platform and confidential calls with trained professionals to get advice and create an action plan that best fits their individual need

Use data to drive culture improvements to increase inclusion, belonging, and equity

For the company, data and insights

Aggregated data is used to track behavioral trends and identify opportunities to improve workplace culture that gives rise to unfair treatment

Establish a virtuous cycle to solve bias and harassment issues


A Proven Model 

Organizations utilizing informal conflict resolution approaches, such as Ombuds, report a 50-80% reduction in litigation. The tEQuitable model is a modern Ombuds practice.

“The Organizational Ombudsman: Origins, Roles, and Operations: A Legal Guide” by Charles L. Howard
BenefitPrevent harassment
BenefitCreate healthier work culture
BenefitIncrease diversity
BenefitPromote retention
BenefitAugment employee engagement
BenefitReduce risk of lawsuits

Why We Do It

We envision a future where everyone can bring their whole, and best, selves to work.
of employees report experiencing some form of unfair behavior or treatment*
of employees indicated that mistreatment played a major role in their decision to leave their company*
unfairness related turnover is a $16b a year problem*

*2017 Kapor Center for Social Impact “The 2017 Tech Leavers Study”
It's really important for an employee to open up and share things that might be happening to them at work, without attaching their name to it. What we get on the back end is data, not that says who said something, but around the teams and functions where we may have some issues.

LaFawn Davis | Global Head of Culture and Inclusion
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