Cloudflare’s quarterly report showed that ransom DDoS attacks have dropped drastically in 2022, with only 17% of DDoS attacks reported in January, 6% in February, and 3% in March.

The report represents a 28% year-on-year decrease and a 52% decrease compared to the last quarter of 2021.

Rising trends in the first quarter of 2022 showed a 164% year-on-year increase in DDoS attacks.

The sector recorded a 5,086% quarter-over-quarter increase in application-layer DDoS attacks in the consumer electronics industry and an increase of 2,131% quarter increase against online media companies.

The method of reflection amplification is on the rise. Reflection attacks start with a small packet that is reflected within a closed network, while its size is increased with each bounce.

Cloudflare report also highlights an increase in volumetric DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks above 100 Gbps increased by 645% quarter-over-quarter, while those above 10 Mpps increased by more than 300% quarter-over-quarter.

In general, the downward trend in the number of attacks does not show that DDoS attacks are now obsolete, but that attackers are changing the form, methods, and traffic mixing tricks needed to compromise vulnerable servers.