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Cloudflare Zaraz

Cloudflare Zaraz (beta) gives you complete control over third-party tools and services for your website, and allows you to offload them to Cloudflare’s edge, improving the speed and security of your website. With Cloudflare Zaraz you can load tools such as analytics tools, advertising pixels and scripts, chatbots, marketing automation tools, and more, in the most optimized way.

Cloudflare Zaraz is built for speed, privacy, and security, and you can use it to load as many tools as you need, with a near-zero performance hit.

​​ Availability

Cloudflare Zaraz is available in beta to all customers on all plans, with a website proxied through Cloudflare (orange-clouded).

If you have any comments, questions, or bugs to report, contact the Zaraz team directly through our Discord channel, or reach out to Cloudflare support.